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Thread: New IMAC 3.4GHz

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    New IMAC 3.4GHz
    I just bought a IMAC 2.93 GHZ with the radeon HD 5750 April 13th, I askedthe sales person if anything newer was coming out because I have always been a PC guy and built my own computers for years and when new hardware came out I upgraded my hardware. I decided to go mac and took the plunge into the mac world with the iPhone's of course buying every one since they started to come out. Now I run out and buy a really nice IMAC and 21 days later they hit me with this upgrade and I may not be able to exchange it. So my question to all of the MAC experts out there are as follows and thank you in advance for your time and answers.

    1: Would you be bothered with the difference in the two imacs enough to return one for the other? (one is 2.9GHZ,ATIHD5750 > 3.4GHz radeon6970M)

    2: I bought it 21 days ago, do you think they will they take it back if I am buying the newer one?

    3: If they wanted to charge a restocking fee would you pay it for the dif?

    4: What is the best way to restore this IMAC to factory settings as I have put iTunes and my developer programs on it if they will accept the exchange.



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    This sort of thing happens all the time when new computer models are released. Apple does not announce ahead of time that new "stuff" is some folks (like yourself) get caught during the transition.

    If you bought your iMac 21 days ago (Apple has a 14 day return policy):

    - keep what you have
    - call Apple, nicely explain the situation, and see what they can do
    - return the iMac...and pay what you have to in order to get the newer model

    Good luck,

    - Nick
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    I'm in exactly the same situation, but I've only had my iMac for 8 days. Wondering if it will be worth the trouble to remove my personal data from the iMac, repack everything, and schlep it all back to the Apple Store, where they may or may not have the new i7 model in stock. (Purchased in a nearby state with no sales tax to save a few $$$)


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    I think it is minimally worth looking to make the exchange. If you have a Time Machine backup, restoring onto the new unit will be a snap.

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    I got it
    Ok here is what you do you bring yours back to your store or call the online if you bought online and mention the

    "30 day refresh return policy"

    and you want the newer model thats it.

    I walked in with my 21 day old mac and in 15 minutes walked out with a brand new:

    3.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 1TB,AMD RadeonHD6970M1GB GDDR5

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    Oh by the way no price increase, an even price swap, exact same price and new iMac screams much faster and the graphics Amazing!!

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