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    Can't decide 21 or 27"??
    Hi guys
    Have been patiently waiting a month now since i decided i wanted to replace my aging laptop with my first Mac.
    Now the new ones are on sale i'm glad i did wait as the specs do look good but i'm in a muddle as to which one to buy now.

    My main use is to play games , in particular City of Heroes which i know has a Mac version and i'm hoping to play the new Star Wars MMO when it launches in the near future , this i know i'll need Bootcamp for.

    I've narrowed my options down to either the 21" entry one or the 27" entry lvl one. As games are my main want i'm a bit worried the 27" screen might not lend it's self for games with the higher res and the graphics card having to work a lot harder to cope?
    The reason the 27" appeals more is i currently have a 23" monitor hooked up to my lap top and it's never an easy decision to down grade screen size but if the general thoughts are the 21" imac is better suited for gaming i would go for that.

    Any thoughts from any gamers in particualr would be appreciated. I would really like the 27" screen but if it proves not so suitable for games i would get the 21" and be more than happy with that as well.


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    Wait for benchmarks.

    The GPU in the higher end 21.5 and the low end 27 is not a whole lot faster than the 6750m in the low end 21.5 I do game a fair bit, primarily Starcraft 2, and just got the 27" low end model yesterday. When I get a chance, I'll see how it does in SC 2, but I suspect the low end 21.5 will be at least as fast as the low end 27" at the same resolution. I'm going to guess that will be the most cost effective solution running at native res vs the 27" higher resolution.
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    I don't think you'll have many if any issues with the 27 inch and what you want to do with it. I agree you might want to wait for benchmarks but I haven't head of any issues of that type from the last round of iMacs.

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