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Thread: Mac Pro G5 won't recognize new monitor - help is appreciated!

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    Mac Pro G5 won't recognize new monitor - help is appreciated!
    New guy, new troubles. I am not a 100% sure if this is the right place to post my issue - if it's not, I would be dearly grateful for an admin to move this post elsewhere.

    Anyway, going on to the issue. I just got a Mac Pro G5 from 2005, and when I tested it, it worked fine. But when I went away and bought a new monitor, (A V7) the screen would just blur in several funny colours. (Mostly white and blue)

    I've tried everything that I could possibly come up with. Bought a new cable AND a new cable adapter, tried with a different monitor, (ViewSonic) adjusted screen resolution in every possible way. I have two clues to go on; Whenever I put up a screen resolution on a higher scale (Like 1270x780 or something like that) the screen would turn black and display "out of range". It's when I tried a lower screen resolution that the screen would display funny colours. Clue No. 2 is that I actually did see the Apple Logo a brief time during a startup after I simply blowed my graphics card. My heart lept, and I quickly reached for a vaccum cleaner to clean up the whole Mac internals. (It was quite dusty) But after that, still just funny colours.

    Also, whenever I start up my Mac, the fan would immediately set on full throttle - You know, the Mac Pro fans that sound like jet engines. Every time. Is that related to my problem somehow?

    I feel myself stuck, since I can't really enter the Mac to try the "find new monitor" option, since I simply can't see. I've tried safe mode too.. won't happen a thing.

    This has been quite a blow for me, since I've really been looking forward to this.

    Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Well if it is 2005, it is a G5 PowerPC and not a Mac Pro. Mac Pros only come with Intel processors. Sounds like the graphics card is shot. Is the card an AGP or PCI-E card? Also Mac Pros are silent and if the G5 roars you may well have a dying logic board. If it is the 2.5GHz Dual Core, they are liquid cooled, and a leak getting the coolant into the processors can also cause these problems.
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