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    27" imac question
    I have a 27" imac @ home, about 1 year old. I had to bring it in b/c its stopped turning on. Turns out the power supply/logic board & many other things were all done. They replaced it all & the "bill" was over $1800. thankfully it was still on warranty. But a month or so after i got it back, I noticed gray blotches all over the edges of my screen. They seem to be on the inside, so I can clean it. This happen to anyone else? is there a cheap fix for this since it is no longer on warranty?

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    Hopefully when the Apple folks fixed up the insides nothing damaged the screen..but I haven't seen that on my iMac..but then I also haven't opened it up..

    If you didn't purchase the extended AppleCare to get 3 years of warranty and if it's a real issue, you're probably out of luck..


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    You might want to take it back to the Apple store just incase they will cover it since it was just in for service. As for taking the glass off to clean the inside, it is possible, but not easy.

    You need to get some big suction cups to put on the glass and then carefully, VERY CAREFULLY pull straight up out of the frame. You do not want the glass catch on the edges and possible chip or crack. The glass is held on by strong magnets, so it won't come off easy. Once it's off you can clean the glass, make sure it is dry before you put it back on.
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    The grey blotches are a reasonably common thing, have a quick google around and you'll see just how common.

    I had the problem on mine. The 'genius' insisted it was caused by condensation. As the fault occurs withing the build of the sealed LCD panel it's far more likely to be a manufacturing fault. But the LCD panel was changed under the warranty so I didn't argue.

    You can try cleaning the front panel. It's poly-carbonate rather than glass and is flexible. A suction cup takes it off no problem. Have a look at iFixit if you want to try it.

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    thanks guys, I did see it was a pretty common problem, but no1 had a fix for it. I will check out @ iFixit.

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