I've been with macs since os6, my last is a B&W G3 10.4.3, I'm posting with that, yay!

I bought a G4 tonite, M8493 dual 800 with no monitor or keyboard, and with a pc scroll two button USB mouse .

When I bought it, the fella plugged in a LP flat screen monitor and the scroll wheel usb mouse, (no keyboard) and it started fine and we clicked around and opened files, it has 10.4.11 and was a good price.

I have lots of old Powermac stuff.

Tried to start with the same mouse and a crt monitor (the one used with the G3)with the smaller of the two plugs: the monitor didn't light up at all, I got a start up chime, then it shut off. No keyboard.

I switched to another monitor, with the same small plug (was using it on a pc, same pins? maybe not) and it chimed, grey screen to the apple logo, the spinning wheel stopped, and 15 seconds later got horizontal lines, then another 15 seconds a box saying I needed to restart.

I pushed the little button under the ON button, and it restarted, spinning wheel spun, then froze, then horizontal dashed lines, then a debug report came up, ending with "we're panicing here...."

So...what to do next:
1. a different monitor?
2. a keyboard (a usb mac pro I presume the older powermac won't work, with adapters or something?)
3. both?

Obviously need a keyboard, advice would help if older works...

But what about the monitor?

Have no install discs, but it started perfect without the keyboard before, just the monitor was different.

I need some cogent advice, and I'm, guess what, on a low low budget, so...any advice in that direction would be great.
My G-3 is just too slow at a few things we need to get done, otherwise, what a trooper!

There's an Apple 23" for 125$ on clist, I don't have the money yet for it...maybe that's the solution.

In reading the other related threads I'm going to reseat the video card and the ram..that's been very helpful in the past, oddly enough, sometimes the ride and movement can just wiggle it enough, (I got my first G3 free on the curb with the ram knocked out, worked well after that fix.)

This new one shore is the Shiny!

Thanks for reading...