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    iMac Faulty Screen
    I have contacted Apple about my Screen. The Aluminium casing you can fry an egg on the top. The screen has a Grey band starting at the top right hand corner. Apple said we will pick your computer up on April 28th. The courier came to collect it,and we are getting to know each other quite well. He said they should give you a new computer,and he remarked this is the fourth time it`s been sent away. It`s the same Apple repair agent Amsys plc and they just follow Apple`s guidelines. This is four screens it`s had (iMac) In case you are wondering how i am typing this out. I am using my Mac Mini.

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    Contact Apple Customer Relations. If the system has had that many repairs (actual part replacements, not just troubleshooting) for the same issue, you are well within your rights to request a replacement unit. The top of the iMacs does get hot - the fans are designed to blow hot air out the top vent for circulation, while pulling cooler air in from the bottom. However, if it's causing hardware issues, that's too hot.

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