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    Unhappy Resolution too high made monitor blackout
    I just got a G5 tower and was trying to use a 19" Viewsonic monitor and when trying to find the right resolution I chose a resolution which was too high and now my screen is black and won't let me see my computer. I tried restarting and unplugging the cord but neither worked. There has to be a way to reverse this without connecting a monitor with that high of a resolution. Thanks for the help!

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    Reset the monitor to factory defaults from the menu if you can. If you can't, unplug it from the power and let it set for a bit. Then restart your G5 in safe boot mode with the monitor attached and set it for its native resolution.

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    I can turn it on safe boot mode (i am on the computer now) but it won't let me change the resolution from 800x600. The monitor I am using is also a different resolution than any of the listed resolutions (1440x900). I also shut down the computer and did not try to change the resolution from 800x600 and when powering the computer back up normally the screen is black and out of range, any suggestions?

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    Did you reset the monitor?

    Next would be to reset the NVRAM.
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