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    Apple policy at speed bump time new i7
    First post! I've been lurking around for a bit here and have learned quite a bit about the Mac system, enough to (with my other research) decide to make the switch. I was ready to buy my new iMac 27" i7 TONIGHT! And then, I read today that Apple will be releasing the updated iMacs as soon as next week. I probably do not need whatever increase in performance this update will bring, nor do I think Thunderbolt will be a game changing technology at least not in the near future. My question is, if I buy now, what will happen to the pricing of the machine I take home when the new models arrive next week? Might it be worth waiting? Will Apple cut me a break if the price on the current model drops? My goal is to buy near the top of the iMac line with the thought of getting a good 4-5 years or more out of the system. I am a high school vocational teacher and will get the education discount. My budget is around $2200. Thanks for any suggestions, and also thanks for a well structured, polite, and informative forum. I hope to use the resources here as I learn my new system.


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    No, have never heard of them discounting a previously purchased system.

    Apple does have a basic policy of allowing an exchange for the newer model for purchases made within the last 14 days and we hear of some folks getting that exchange on occasion up to 30 days.

    Don't know about new iMacs in the next week or two, neither does anyone else for that matter. It's also not often that I suggest waiting to buy. But, if you don't need a new one right now, I'd probably wait for the Sandy Bridge processors to make it into the line up before purchasing. If you need one now, you're still getting a nice piece of kit.
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    If you don't feel that the performance of newer iMac's is something you REALLY need...AND if the rumors that new iMac's are coming next week are true...just wait another 7-14 days. Then buy the iMac that's available currently 1-2 weeks since Apple almost always discounts the old models somewhere around $100-$300 bucks (depending on the model).

    BUT...the important thing to remember is...IF the rumors of new iMac's next week are true. Apple rumors aren't worth the "water" they're written on! When it happens it happens.


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    13in rMBP 2014 Yosemite has refurbished macs all the time. They change their stock quite often. You could look there for a current for the current line of iMac, released mid 2010 I think, discounted with the same warranty.

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