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    so, these new I7 imacs..
    Do I need one?

    At the minute I am using a 27" Imac with a C2D processor, 4GB of ram and a 1TB HDD. Now first let me bullet point my MAIN uses from my Imac and then a quick follow up of why I use a mac. Hopefully this will give you enough information to beable to decide for me (Because clearly I am not big enough to choose for myself!) weather or not I need a new I7 Imac.

    • Browsing the Web
    • Visiting and contributing on forums
    • Watching a TON of videos (Youtube, Video game websites, News sites, etc)
    • Manageing photos (personal photos, friends, familys, good times. Nothing fancy)
    • Typical mac stuff: I.E Using Dashboard, Word Processing, mangeing and listening to my music etc)

    Now I use my mac for these things because I find it so easy to use first and foremost but also using OS X is such a clean, crisp and smooth experience for the most part. I use my Mac every single day of my life, it is my hub of not just my life but also my famlies and my closest friends. I will never stop using mac for these reasons and hopefully, this has given you an insight of just what a mac does to benefit my life.

    Now the 1 000 000 question (I am english so I will use me sterling thanks ) SHOULD I upgrade? I don't feel the need to honestly, I never really complain about speed, but then again I haven't seen what these new macs offer me, is it more then just raw speed? Is it faster enough to warrant a purchase? Or should I just keep living my life with my imac I have already?

    Thanks guys : )

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    If your current machine meets your needs then why replace it? The C2D still a good CPU and unless there is a specific need for for a newer CPU it seems like a wast of money to me.

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    That's almost precisely what I have, (see left) and I do perform exactly the same tasks (maybe a little less video consumption). Our photos uses seem in alignment, I have quite a lot of photos, and my wife is does some light editing.
    Idk what it will cost you wise for shipping from an apple store/or if you have one near by,but the i7's over here start at like 1600/1700. And that is on the small screen (that you are not used to). Tack on an extra 300 for the 27", and you are looking at about 2000$.

    Back to the do you need it question. I guess you MAY, MAY.. Notice a little bit of a slow down if you were going from an i7 to what we both have at the moment. But I don't think the benefit would be as apparent-based on what you use it for- to shell out that much $.

    I just saw a thread in another forum about a new line of iMacs coming out. I will link it into here for you.

    If that is true, wait. And, since you are posting on here in the first place I can tell you are willing to wait a little bit.
    See what there is to come. Especially on the cheaper lend of the spectrum.
    Hope that helps

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