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    Opinions on choosing an emac.
    Ever since I've seen the emac at my school I have wanted one. I am thinking of buying one but I have a question on what is a good choice. I found one on ebay that says it has 1.25 Ghz. With 1.25 Ghz, will this machine play youtube videos with no problem, no lagging or freezing. I would love to have an apple as a main computer but the one I have just isn't cutting it. Also, the full specs of the machine are 1.25 Ghz, 512 MB of RAM, and has a 40 GB HDD. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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    You have to keep some things in mind when deciding to buy an eMac:

    1. It's an old machine that is powered by a PPC processor which means you'll be locked out of the latest operating system and applications. The latest OS you can run on that machine is Leopard 10.5.8.

    2. The monitor is a CRT type which when old have a high failure rate.

    As long as you know what you're getting into, you might as well look for the best deal on used eMac machines. eBay is not always the best place to buy something like that since chances are it will be overpriced.

    If I were you, I'd save up my money and buy a used Intel Mac. Maybe a MacBook or iMac.

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    And if you must go for an eMac, look for the 1.42GHz model, the last model eMac. The 1.25 model is very prone to burst and leaking capacitors. Do a Google and see this problem.
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