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964 04-20-2011 11:03 PM

connecting a second monitor to iMac

I own the iMac flatscreen computer and I was wondering if I could connect another monitor to it to show the same screen. I know it is possible to connect another monitor that continues on the screen ie. having 2 monitors for 1 screen.

I want to know if its possible to connect another monitor to my computer and to have it show the exact same screen as mine, so it functions the same way but has another monitor showing the exact same thing.


Slydude 04-21-2011 01:08 AM

That is easy to do. Connect the second monitor to your iMac and then open the Displays preference pane. There will be a tab called "Arrangement" on you main screen. Select that tab then click the Mirror Display.

chscag 04-21-2011 01:33 PM

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