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Thread: How to fix my iMac SuperDrive?

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    How to fix my iMac SuperDrive?
    Hi guys,

    Just writing because I have recently replaced my iMac 7.1's superdrive with a new one, but I'm having the exact same problem - the iMac won't recognise the drive at all.

    Anyone have any idea what the problem might be? I'm guessing it could be a problem with the cable/s between the drive and the logic board... but is there any other likely, or even more likely possibilities? I don't want to keep buying new hardware and disassembling my iMac (drainer).

    Thanks for your help guys,

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    If the drive you bought is one that's compatible with your iMac and the installation of it is correct, it should be recognized by the system. It is possible that it may be a connector problem or as you stated, the cable.

    Disassembling an iMac is not an easy task but that's probably what you're facing in order to check things out and possibly substitute another cable.

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    The one thing you could to is a sata to usb adapter and test the old one to see if it works.

    That would tell you what the issue could be.
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    Oh that's an awesome idea. I didn't know they existed! Cheers Ramimac!

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