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Thread: Buffer Busted

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    Buffer Busted
    Hey All,
    I need some help please. I have owned an iMac for over a year now. I am having buffering issues when watching streaming videos. The buffer progress bar starts off normal initially, but then suddenly stops after two minutes of viewing/buffering time. Once the video catches up to the stopped buffer, there is about a 30 second delay and then the video starts buffering again.

    I am not running wireless. I am direct connect to a cable network. The problems in both Safari and Firefox.

    Applecare is not helping much. They suggested reseting Safari, and of course they dont want to know about Firefox

    Can anybody help? Thanks in advance...I hope!

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    What are your Mac specs?
    Mac Specs: 20" iMac 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo 4 GB RAM 500 GB HD OS 10.6.8 Magic Trackpad- eMac 1.42 GHz (RIP) - iMac G3 Grape 400 MHz 1GB RAM 40GB HD OS 10.4.11 iSub - iPad 2 16GB - iPod Classic 120 GB - iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen 1GB - Apple TV 2

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