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Thread: Simultaneous audio output via internal speakers & externals

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    Simultaneous audio output via internal speakers & externals
    This question has been asked before, but after reading all the threads it isnt clear to me if anyone ever successfully accomplished what I am looking to accomplish using either an external sound card device, imic, or any potential software solution.

    My new imac 27 is connected via headphone jack to new Swans M10 2.1 external speakers. The sound is very good, but obviously since using the headphone port, the internal speakers are disabled. I am looking to utilize the internals in conjunction with the external Swans.

    If I purchase an imic I assume I can plug the 3.5mm jack from the Swans into that, utilizing the imic's USB connection. Since I dont know how the imic will be treated in System Prefs>Sound>Output, Im not sure it will let me simultaneously output (for example, iTunes music) through the internal speakers as well as my externals at the same time. Anyone know?

    A previous thread had listed some external sound cards that were USB, again the same question applies. Bottom line, I am not looking to spend $80 on a solution to utilize my internal speakers, but they do sound decent enough to irritate me that they are muted when using the headphone jack.

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    I honestly don't know if there is another solution other than attaching a USB sound card for your external speakers. Others have asked the same question about utilizing the internal speakers at the same time and it seems the answer is always - you need an external sound card.

    If you can find another solution (other than an external card) please post it for all to see.

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    I understand what you're trying to accomplish, but really, the internal iMac speakers are nothing to write home about.
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