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    5-in-1 Painter's Tool for Opening a Mac Mini
    Just passing along a tip for anyone interested in cracking open their Mini to upgrade memory, replace the hard drive, etc.

    I used a 5-in-1 painter's tool to pop open the case instead of a putty knife. You can find one of these at just about any hardware or paint store. The advantage of the painter's tool is that the leading edge is beveled, making it much thinner than a putty knife. I was able to easily work the tool into the gaps without doing any damage.

    The painter's tool is also fairly stiff, and does a great job of popping open the tabs when you pull the handle to the outside (away from the center of the Mini).


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    I think your specs should say 1 GB ram

    I was able to find a really thin but pretty stiff putty knife that worked well for me, the hardware store had about 20 different types.

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    Nice catch on the RAM . . . oh well, at least I still know how to use a putty knife.

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