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    Exclamation iMac G5 Boots, but no display.
    Hello! I need some advice. My iMac G5 (OS x v10.4) currently boots (makes startup sound and I can hear it running) but no display shows up at all. It is black/gray. I can press F15 and adjust the brightness from black to a lighter gray, and when I press random keys it makes the little 'stop pressing random buttons' noise, if you know what I mean. I know almost nothing about macs, so I apologize for my naivety.

    This started happening when my niece plugged her hair iron into the power strip. My lamp and iMac were also plugged in, and the light started flickering on and of. I told her to unplug it quickly, and she did, and my mac shut down. I guess it was a power surge of some kind.

    I am not confident this is an easy, cheap fix situation. Looks pretty grim. But I would appreciate some educated opinions very much. Thanks!

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    If the screen lights up but you're not getting any video, that would indicate a possible problem with the GPU or maybe even the logic board itself. Hook up an external monitor to your iMac and see if you can get video on the screen. Let us know.

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    Okay, I will get a hold of one and let you know! Thanks for responding

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    Hi I am having the same problem. I was in the middle of watching a video on Netflix and my screen suddenly went light gray. But, the audio for the video continued to play just fine and when I restart with an external monitor hooked up I still see the OSX star field and was even able to login by tabbing from the login to password field.

    But the display on the imac is still light gray.

    I have tried unplugging it from the power cable and letting it sit, I have rebooted and reset the PRAM and tried rebooting with an OSX disk in the drive. None of that has restored the display.

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    Try resetting the SMC and good luck.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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