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    Upgrade new iMac's hard drive?
    Hey, I got an iMac 27" i7 around a month ago.

    I got it from the store and wasn't too fussed about the 2Tb hard-drive, but have since decided to keep all my media on the iMac itself (keeping my 1.5Tb hard drive purely for backups).

    I'd like to do the same with my 1.26Tb of movies, but have only 700Gb left on my iMac's hard drive - so I'm now wishing I'd waited and ordered a 2Tb model!

    How easy/expensive is it to upgrade to a 2Tb drive? If it's possible to go even bigger/faster I'm game.. However I checked a Cambridge Mac upgrade store and they recommended only going through Apple with recent iMac's due to problems with fan speed?

    Worst comes to worst, I'll just get a NAS drive and dump my movies onto it instead - would be neat to have everything in the proper OSX media folders though..


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    Swapping out an iMac hard drive is not an easy task and requires some special tools to do so. The entire front panel and display must be detached from the unit in order to get at the "guts" of the machine.

    See the instructions and step by step procedure at iFixit: The free repair manual.

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    Oh I wouldn't do it myself; in fact I'd hasten to even send it to a third-party specialist if it invalidated my warranty (does it?) - do the Apple store do it?

    Basically I want to keep my warranty, but within that am interested in upgrading. If I can go bigger than 2Tb that's a bonus!

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    apple store will not upgrade even if drive fails they will put the same size in unless it is not available. you could always go with owc and have then add the ssd. I ordered the 27 i7 withh ssd and 2tb from apple yes it was alot more but im happy with the purchase
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    I think I'll just keep my video externally. It's not like OSX lets me keep them in iTunes due to being XVid anyway. Fact is my video collection will be more than 2 Gb in time - I'll get a NAS for them!

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    I keep my movies on an external hard drive, and back up as well on a 2TB hard drive. Just put a few of your favorite movies on your hard drive, if you want some movies on your iMac.

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