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Thread: Help with Insight Camera

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    Angry Help with Insight Camera
    I purchased an IMac PPC G5 1.9 Ghz built in 2005 off ebay. The previous owner said it was dead would not boot. Well change out the PSU bingo up and running. I am using it now. Anyway it has the built in Insight camera installed on it. Well being a PC guy fixing computers the IMac has me stumped. The profiler does not show a camera in the USB tab. Anyway tried to login to skype saw my daughter on the video screen but she could not see mine, the mic worked we spoke. Anyway does anybody have any idea to where to start troubleshooting the problem hardware or software?

    Thanks in advance

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    I've had the same problems when using skype. Best advice I can give is to suggest you watch the Skype tutorial that's part of the os. Setting up a Skype account and using it has to be done just right. Good luck if you haven't already figured it out.

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    My guess would be that the cable to the iSight camera was not reconnected properly when the unit was reassembled. Installing iMac G5 20" Model A1145 Front Bezel - Page 3 - iFixit

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    Cool FIXED: iSight Camera & Cable Problem
    I had both a 17" and 20" G5 PPC ALS systems that had the same problems with the iSight not working. The 20" IMac needed the camera replaced and the cable from the logic board to the camera was bad. Work's like new now. The 17" just needed a new camera one wire on the iSight camer board had broke. It is now working too.


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