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    Must Dos
    Just got an iMac... Is there any must dos/downloads I should do/get?

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    VLC was the first thing i dl'ed it is the most encompassing video player around (every day use that is)
    the standard quicktime does not play as many formats ,and to upgrade you must pay... VLC=free.. easy to use
    the only downside is there are only keyboard short cuts for control though.. figured them out with trial and error..

    thirdly- openoffice is a good free counter part for microsoft office.. rather than 80$ iwork

    skype is good for chatting face to face with pc users (free)
    facetime is the mac version, 99 cents -mac app store-

    i just figured this out
    its all in there but you can control your iMac with VNC mocha lite app on an ipod, iphone, or ipad

    there are more but those are the ones i use the most
    hope that helped

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    Dear ttuhd

    An extraordinarily difficult question to answer. It is so personal and depends on your needs, interests etc.

    So here's a few (mainly free) apps which I use a lot.

    VLC already mentioned. Handbrake (which works in conjunction with VLC although they are totally separate apps), is for interrogating, legally copying DVDs.

    1Password is widely used by Mac folk as a very secure PW generator, PW and Log In Manager and much, much more.

    Flip4Mac, free, allows you to view imagery, videos created by Windows Media Player on your Mac.

    OnyX is a free Utility that tests your Mac for faults, does lots more and is a very handy Maintenance & Troubleshooting app.

    I suggest that before you download the free or purchased apps, you read up on them. Macworld has numerous reviews of these and similar products. Senior Editors in Macworld regularly offer their "can't live without" apps.

    They also offer their tweaks and settings for the Mac on first purchase - and on it goes.

    Explore Macworld and Mac Forums for previous discussions and suggestions.

    In the end, it's down to you.

    Best I can offer, sorry.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ttuhd View Post
    Just got an iMac... Is there any must dos/downloads I should do/get?

    You can also spend some time looking at the popular software on the Mac App Store.
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