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Thread: Upgrade G5 to Pro?

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    Upgrade G5 to Pro?
    Can I put a motherboard and cpu for a pro in a g5?

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    possibly, but you would have to upgrade everything else as well potentially

    You would first need to make sure the power supply in both machines is compatible

    It would be less hassle to find a used mac pro
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    Even if it could be would be very very expensive. You're just not going to find a working motherboard & cpu for a Mac Pro....and if you did, it would be expensive. I don't think that I can remember ever seeing one (e-Bay or Craig's List).

    The deal is...if a Mac Pro is not working (and not worth repairing)'s most likely one of the more/most expensive parts has gone the motherboard. So what you're more likely to see available for sale are either non-working Mac Pro's (rarely)...or a stripped Mac Pro case...but unlikely a working Mac Pro motherboard that is a reasonable enough price for this sort of project.

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