hi, I have this iso file [it's a Leopard .iso]. Under my primary OS, Ubuntu [linux] I mount it:
# mount -o loop file.iso /mnt
# ls /mnt
autorun.inf  boot camp/  dvdcdsharing/  setup.exe
so those are the files while it's mounted in linux. here's the file type:
# file file.iso 
file.iso: # ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data 'WINDOWSSUPPORT'
see the WINDOWSSUPPORT? I think that is the problem [read on]. So I have this same file on my Power Mac G4 [osx 10.3.9] and I click it and it mounts. So I go to /Volumes/ and then the mounted subfolder (which I have verified with the mount command) and list the contents:
# ls
Applications/                 System/                       private/
DVD or CD Sharing Setup.mpkg/ Volumes/                      sbin/
Install Mac OS X.app/         bin/                          tmp
Instructions.localized/       dev/                          usr/
Library/                      etc                          var
I am 100% certain I am in the right folder. So the question is, why is mac showing different files after mounting the ISO? And if I burn the iso to a disk on Linux, which files will it write? will it write what Linux sees when it's mounted? Because then it would probably look the same way under Mac, and would not work properly. if anyone can answer, I appreciate it! thanks