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    Mar 31, 2011
    Buying first Mac
    Im getting ready to buy my first Mac.
    I m looking at the Imac 27in i5.
    I just have some questions before I order it.
    Is it best pay $200 for 8gb of memory from Apple or get it later?
    Should I get the 2tb hard drive ($150) or buy an external hard drive?
    There is a Simply Mac store in my town, or should I drive 100mi to an Apple store?


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    Get the ram later...Apple usually charges too much for ram.

    Do you really need a 2 terabyte internal hard drive? I would vote for getting an external hard drive...and using it as a backup drive.

    If the price for the iMac at the your local "Simply Mac" store is the same as Apple charges...then get it locally. Also remember that computers ordered via are shipped there's no real need to go to any "physical store"...other than to "play around" with one before buying. Warranty is the same from Apple either way as well.


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    Yes, get the RAM from somewhere else. Installing it into the iMac is a breeze. As far as storage goes, I would suggest not getting the 2TB. You'll end up using an external hard drive as a back up anyways so spend the money on a good one (HDD) instead.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Sorry, one more question.
    Is the i5 worth the extra $300 over the i3?

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    Buyng first Mac
    The extra RAM I would buy from another source like Crucial or OCW - it will save you some cash as Apple is notorious for high prices on RAM. I agree - get an external hard drive, you'll be better off with it. The value of the i5 processor depends a lot on what you are going to do with the iMac. If you will be running a lot of CPU itensive appications the i5 would really be worth it. If all you do is run basic programs and surf the web and read emails, the i3 i fine. If you can afford it, get the i5 as it will further the useful life of your imac by extending the time before you feel you would need an upgrade. Good luck with your new Mac!

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    the general consensus pretty much everywhere concerning RAM is that apple is charging an arm and a leg because they can. It's no better, worse, or different than anything you can buy from a site like crucial. The only difference is the cost. You can have a pretty hefty Ram and HD upgrade for a few hundred bucks if you shop around.

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