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    digital audio problems
    hello. this is my first post, i have tried everything and i need some help.

    i have been having trouble getting my digital audio cable to work from my imac running 10.6.7 to my samsung receiver so my music and movies can play through my living room speakers. my receiver uses digital audio surround sound for my bluray player as well as my cable box so im pretty sure its not the receiver.

    Also, the little red light is coming through my optical cable. i have it plugged into my imac using a turtle beach micro II usb adapter.

    my audio settings for output have two options: "Internal speakers" or "USB Sound Device". I have selected "USB Sound Device" but still nothing is coming out of my speakers connected to the receiver.

    what is going on?!

    any help or suggestions are appreciated

    thank you

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    Take the Turtle Beach out of the picture and just use a mini toslink to toslink cable and plug it directly into the headphone jack on your Mac for digital out.

    Like this.

    Or, since you have the optical cable already, you can just grab the adapter.
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    thanks for the response

    Ive tried that, but when i do that the little red light coming out of the optical cable turns off.... and it still doesnt work. any other ideas?

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    digital audio problems
    The small switch built into the audio out jack appears to be stick. Plug in a regular 3.5mm plug (either a pair of headphones or a microphone) and twist it around a bit. Hopefully this will reset the interior switch so that the audio out will work properly. Check to make sure the red light is out before inserting you optical plug.

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