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    Mac Pro vs. Macbook Pro
    So, I'm looking into replacing my old macbook pro. It's served me well but I think I need something a little more powerful. Plus I dropped it once and I've had some minor issues after that.

    Anyway, I'm wondering what you guys think would be the best computer for me. Here's my sitch:

    I'm a grad student in education. For my course, I need to shoot hours of video of myself teaching, as well as interviews. I then have to edit those videos. The editing isn't too heavy. I mostly just have to trim the clips, combine clips, and add captions, etc... the sort of stuff that can be done on iMovie.

    I also have to write papers on these videos and reference PDF articles, so I have to be able to run iMovie, Preview, and Word all at the same time. My current macbook pro has trouble doing all three of these at the same time.

    I have enough money for the baseline Mac Pro or the baseline 17" Macbook Pro. The salesperson at the store recommended the Macbook Pro, but then also said that the Mac Pro would have a ton of power that I wouldn't use, and that she expected a Mac Pro would last much longer than an iMac. But the question is, why would I NOT get something that's better and more powerful and would last longer if they're the same price?

    If I get the Mac Pro, I'd only need to buy a keyboard and an iSight (for video conferencing)... so that would add only an few extra hundred dollars, right? Is it worth it to go for the Mac Pro?

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    Any of the current Macs that are out now can do what you want and more.

    You first need to ask yourself if you need portability or not. That way you can narrow down your choices more. The salesman is right in saying that you aren't going to be using the Mac Pros full power are essentially wasting money.

    It's your money though so you can do what you want with it.

    Personally I would go with the 15" MBP or wait for the new iMac refresh. >_>"

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