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    Seagate Compatibility issue
    I was not sure where to start this thread. I have an iMac 27". I got it a year ago this month. Love it. I run Windows XP on it via VMWare Fusion 3. I wanted to add an external HD to it to store my collection of graphic files that grows every day. I bought a Seagate Free Agent Go Flex Desk external HD for PC and Mac.

    I installed it, had a problem, frozen desktop, chatted with Seagate tech support, got it working, so I thought. Today I was going to start adding files to it. I clicked on the drive icon on the desktop and it didn't open and it froze my desktop again. The dock still worked but the icons and folders on my desktop didn't work. I unplugged the usb connection from my hub and the desktop worked again.

    I chatted with Seagate tech support again and they had me do a disk check on the ex. HD and it had "minor errors". Repair disk was done and it seemed to fix it. I could open the disk on the desktop and the other folders on the desktop as well.

    However, anything I clicked on my desktop was super slow to open and when I looked in my folders on my desktop....the files in those folders were not showing up. The folders looked empty. I restarted the iMac and the desktop came up with no icons or folders on the desktop at all! Just the desktop wallpaper, and the dock and top bar were showing. So I unplugged the usb for the Seagate ex. HD again and my desktop instantly returned to normal.

    Is there a known compatibility issue with Seagate External HD's and iMac? This is very frustrating. Is there a good External HD to use with iMac that I can use with both the iMac and Windows on my iMac?
    Thanks for your help.

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    The latest iteration of the Seagate Free Agent drives have been troublesome. There are quite a few threads scattered throughout the Apple forums and elsewhere about it.

    Call Seagate and get a RMA, or better yet, return the drive to where you purchased it from and get a refund. Buy, a WD external or some other drive but stay away from the Seagate drives for now.

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    That is exactly what I was thinking I need to do. WD is what we usually get, but this time I thought I would try Seagate. I have it all boxed up and ready to return.

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