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    External Optical Drive
    I have a imac 27 that I've had for maybe 4 months. I've ALREADY had to have the optical drive replaced once so far. I ONLY use the drive to import cds to itunes. I would like to get an external drive for this because my internal drive cannot handle it. Can anyone suggest a good external drive that is compatible for what I'm doing? I don't want to burn anything on it. Import only. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most, if not all external optical drives nowadays are dual layer burners. There are many good brands to choose from. I bought an inexpensive Samsung from 6 months ago and it works real well.

    Some folks recommend Pioneer drives as they seem to be well built and last longer than the drives that Apple uses. Shop around. Amazon, Tiger Direct, Other World Computing, are all good places to look.

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