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Thread: Mangled Mac Pro

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    Mangled Mac Pro
    When attempting to load Windows into Bootcamp I managed to insert an old windows recovery disc (from a PC). Just don't ask me how..

    Now it won't look at any Mac install discs. I get a black window and a message "No bootable device -- insert boot disc and press any key". not sure if this is Windows or Mac.


    I do have everything on a separate time-machine disc, so hopefully I can restore it when I get control of the machine.

    Thanks in advance for any rescuer...

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    I'm not sure what the recovery disk did, however, based on my previous experience with that type of disk, it may have formatted your OS X partition for Windows and began the Windows recovery install. Most recovery disks are hardware specific and will not attempt a recovery on hardware that it's not designed for. We don't know for sure?

    Try this first: Do a PRAM - NVRAM reset. (The recover disk may have just damaged the boot sector) LINK Afterward, insert your OS X install DVD and attempt to boot from it again. Let's see what happens. If it will boot OK to the install DVD, you can remove the BC partition, erase the hard drive, and reinstall OS X. During which you can use your TM restore.

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    Mar 15, 2008
    Many thanks. It turned out that I'd come across an instruction to use D to boot from Disk. C worked much better! I was boot-camping on a second disk, so was able to reboot on the main. Before that I found that I had to pull out the DVD drive to manually insert the disk; no keyboard keys would do it....

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