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    Powermac G5 question
    Hi, im new here and i thought i might ask for some advice.

    Ive a G5 powermac in the steel case A1047 DP 2.00
    Ive tried almost everything what ive googled to try and resolve this but im having no luck, Symptom i did have originally was the boot up chime , power LED on full as normal then the screen with the ? Folder. now i know this would happen as at the time the unit did not have a harddrive installed. But when i added one, it would not boot from the dvd-cd rom OSX disk, ( by holding c on boot ) Ive reset the nvram and reset all, ive pulled teh cmos battery and tested it and left it out for 20 mins, ive pressed the small button on the logic board while everything has been disconected. ive then procceded to unplug all cable and hold my finger on the power button while plugging back in, ive moved the ram about, ( realise that they must be in pairs starting from the middle outwards, ive stripped the whole machine to check for PSU issue, ( all looks new no bulging caps ) re built it., still the same, i get all the fans on, the power light flashes twice , then pause then twice, ( apparently ram issue) or none atall? according to the specs it take 184 pin 3200. which i have tried many, the machine no longer chimes at start up as it use to, i get no video dispay,,,when i used to get the folder screen, ive heard that this could be a logic board failure? is this true or shall i waste more time on it? is there something ive missed? ive removed the cpu's and replaced them carefully, tried another battery, but it just seems odd that it came up before and now it doesnt. your help would be greatly arpechiated.

    Kind regards

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    Leeroy -
    There are a couple of general troubleshooting rules that you didn't follow here:
    1) Before looking elsewhere, first go back and fix/recheck what you most recently did.
    2) Deal with one problem at a time. Because you panicked and started changing everything around, you have now made the troubleshooting problem about 100 times more difficult than it needed to be. All you know is you have a hardware problem. Probably motherboard or RAM.
    Read this:
    About the Power Mac G5 (Late 2005) diagnostic LEDs

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    you cant boot from the disc: are you sure the optical drive works?

    do you get any red lights on the logic board?
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