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    Efficient use of dual hard drive set up.

    What is the most efficient use of a dual hard drive set up with regards to installation of programs.

    I have a Mac Pro Quad Core 3.3ghz with which I am starting to use for music production. At the moment I pretty much just have a basic set up plus Cubase 5 sequencer which is all installed on drive 1 alongside the operating system.

    I have NI Komplete to install which is a massive synth/sample library of around 90gigs. Would it be a more efficient use of hard drive space to install this on drive 2 so that cubase and komplete can ran parallel? Or is there another way?

    Thanks for any advice

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    As you suggest on drive 2 as that is the fastest way for the drives and OS to communicate. Same for cloned OS backups, using the spare internal drives is much quicker than connecting via USB or Firewire 800.
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    That's what I thought thanks.

    I'll be recording a lot of audio that will be used in live projects. I'm not sure if the best place to store it would be on drive 2 also or on the same drive as the program that created it.

    I'm thinking maybe drive 2.

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