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    20" iMac dead whats the issue?
    Model # A1207 part # z0dh00088. I recently received a 20" core 2duo intel imac that wasn't working for unknown reasons. when i power it up, the white light on the lower right side of the screen lights up and the hard drive spins up, the multidrive tests out, the fans kick on (normal speed). However I hear no chime and the screen doesn't do anything, no flicker, no light at all. I could deal with a bad display, but i have heard horror stories of the logic board taking a dump. what do you guys think? I have power to my USB ports, and it seems that all the internals are working correctly. I currently have it disassembled to check the display connections, but everything looks fine..... its the lack of chime that scares me. i have no idea of this computers history as i just received it with no explanation......
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    that sounds like a logic board issue.
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