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Thread: PowerMac G4 HELP!.

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    PowerMac G4 HELP!.
    Hi there,
    I was just on my Powermac g4 (I know very old-vintage), I Plugged in my external hard drive and discovered a switch that toggles between wattage on the back of the PSU- I live in England so it is 240w.
    I switched it to the other option which must have been less because there was an extremely loud bang and The whole house went dead,
    Obviously the power supply is dead but is the HD ok?

    (plus I have another PSU, should I replace it)?

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    That wasn't a very good really should read up on things before you start "throwing" switches!

    As you mentioned...the UK is 240volt...the other setting was probably 120volt (which is used in the United States and maybe other places).

    I wasn't sure by your post...but did the loud bang come from the Powermac G4...or somewhere else in your house (a blown fuse or a tripped breaker)?

    Also...if the loud bang came from the Powermac G4's power may have been a fuse in the power supply that "popped"...and it may be replaceable.


    - Nick

    p.s. By the way...why did you "switch" that switch in the first place...what did you expect to happen?...just curious.

    p.p.s. The HD should be ok...but you won't know for sure until you get the computer running...or can install the HD in an external case...and test it on a 2nd computer.
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    Wow what on earth made you do that? That is like ticking a pair of scissors in the power point to see if they are live! Who knows what has been damaged and it is going to be and check as you go operation.
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