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Thread: Start up issue

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    Start up issue
    I've just added the young un (Ellie) to my imac as a user, no admin permissions. Since then (I think) when I try to log on it won't start up, simply hangs after the log on procedure.

    I have to switch off, log in on Ellie's account, log her out then mine will start for some reason.

    The only programs I added at this time or prior were dropbox and Freeway. I've removed the dropbox program yet still does it.

    If I have the imac set at auto log in for me it is fine but a pain for Ellie having to then log me out to log herself in.

    Any ideas what is wrong?


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    If you wish both of you to be logged in at the same time, setup "Fast User Switching". Otherwise, do not leave her logged in. See the following "Ask Dave" article to learn how to setup fast user switching. LINK

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    Nov 16, 2009
    Thanks for the reply, I don't leave Ellie logged in, I log out to log myself in. When starting up I can't log in. Have to log Ellie in, then log her out and then I can log in, weird.

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    I've just enabled the fast user log in, that might solve things for now. Thanks.

    I'd still like to know why I can't log in at start up unless on auto log in?

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