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    Sep 07, 2009
    Used Mac Pro or Current Macbook/iMac
    Grateful for any advice for Mac purchase

    Have been offered a 2008 Mac Pro dual 2.8GHz(8 core) + 8GB RAM + 1TB HDD + 320 GB for USD1600 with the option to get the ACD for another USD260

    My needs are simple:
    1) Always wanted to own a Pro - longevity of the machine as well as the design
    2) Internet, MS Office, Watching Video, ITunes - simple apps which will not tax the Pro at all-I know the Pro is overkill

    My debate is this:
    For the same amt or slightly more I could get a current model iMac, Macbook Pro with similar performance(have used the Everymac Comparator).

    My question is which is a better option:

    a) used Mac Pro
    b) Current Mac

    Apologies if this is another one of those 'which one is better....' thread but I have searched various forums but I kinda got mixed messages so I though I give it another try by posting my own

    Thanks for reading & yr views

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    This is a non-technical answer, more an emotional response if you like.

    "You've always wanted to own a Pro". Well here's your chance. Go for it. It's clearly what your heart wants.

    Incidentally, should you eventually decide on an iMac, beware, there is a new version imminent.

    So my advice, go with your heart. More erudite replies will come from those with much more tech savvy than I have.


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    If you buy a Pro you'll also need a monitor, which is unlikely to be as good as that in the iMac.

    As you presumably don't need portability then the Macbook doesn't make sense as you're paying for what you don't need with a smaller screen.

    I'd say go for the iMac. You've always wanted a Pro - why? Get yourself a new iMac and you'll forget all about ever wanting a Pro.

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    Give iMacs a big miss and stick with your idea for a Mac Pro, More upgradeable, take up to 4 hard drives, easier access to memory, upgradeable graphics and PCI-E slots and best of all no minaturized superdrive to fail.

    This thread may also help:-
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Sep 07, 2009
    Thank you for the suggestions/views. Decision time now!

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