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Thread: Mac shuts down by itself

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    Mac shuts down by itself
    I have a 27" iMac and it has recently started shutting down all by itself. It used to be that I could use it and then when it went into sleep mode it would shut down. But I tried to power it up today and it just shuts right back down. It's less than a year old and I have an appointment at the apple store later today, but I was curious if anyone has had a similar issue. It also starts up really slow. I bought it to replace an older PowerPC G5 and I'm thinking I should have stuck with that.

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    It could be most anything from overheating to a bad logic board, bad PS, etc. Since you're taking it to the genius bar and it's still under warranty, let them sort it out. The only thing I would advise you to do is make a backup of your hard drive before taking it in. That is, if you can without the machine shutting down.

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