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    Interference on screen
    I'm not really very good with technology so I'll try describing this the best I can.

    I got one of the new macbooks about a year ago, and recently sometimes when I go on 4OD (watching channel 4 online) the page freezes and big black lines appear when I try to scroll up and down.

    Today when it happens it let me minimise the page but when I tried to bring it back up to shut the page down the screen went like tv static.

    Apart from this its working fine, obviously the easiest thing to do is not go on 4OD but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me why it was happening?


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    Sounds like the video card is beginning to fail and this just happens to be the only thing you do on your Mac that stresses it to the point of failure.

    I would suggest taking it in to Apple and let them check it out.
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    Okay thankyou!

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