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    iMac G5 (A1058) as display
    I have a dead G5 that I don't have any desire to fix up. I was thinking its display is nice enough to use with my PC. Possible?

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    Possible? Sure. Practical? Probably not - especially when a typical 19" widescreen monitor runs about $120. You'd have to disassemble the machine, pull the flex cable that feeds the display from the system board and then somehow adapt that to SVGA or DVI. For that, you'd need a pin-out, some solid soldering skills and lots of time. All for very little benefit since the G5's screen is what? 17"?
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    Thanks cwa. I do have soldering skills, I was just curious if I would make a connection directly from my video card out (DVI) to the screen's pins and connect the inverter or if there was another stage in between the video card and screen.

    P.S. Nice R2BEER2

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