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    New Mini Trouble
    Well my new mac mini came yesterday. Woo Hoo!! .....But my KDS 17" CRT monitor is not workin too well. I have tried everything to get it to work right everything looks dim and blurry. I was looking to get another monitor for it. Could anyone reccomend a monitor that they know will work for around 150 bucks. It doesn't have to be an LCD but that would be nice.

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    I would say get a cheap dell, they are nice... but i would recoment one of the more expensive dell lcds they will last a long time and are simular to the apple displays for alot less price..
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    I have a Mini and hooked up my cheap-O PC monitor. It worked great and everything looked nice. I thought I would upgrade and picked up a used Apple Studio Display ADC CRT from ebay. Great monitor but the Apple site said I needed the DVI/ADC adapter. Expensive adapter but I got it any way. Well...the monitor didn't work. It wasn't getting enough juice. I took the adapter the local Apple store and their tech confirmed that the Mini doesn't crank out enough juice to run the Dsiplay. The Apple support site was wrong. Time for a refund!
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