I have a re-occurring problem with my iMac (2007).
(10.4.11 Intel core2duo 2ghz. 1gb, 667mhz)

It has occurred now and again over the years.
Often accompanied by disk utility's inability to verify the hard drive. Which is now not the case. The last time it happenned I used disk utility in safe mode, which verified the hard drive and resolved the issues...

There are two problems that come with it and a weird thing that I've never found described in any forum.

- Browser crashes (whichever browser i use or fresh instal) almost immediately.

- Skype trouble (including on install of various versions)
Chat is fine but calls crash the program

- Weird thing: On any OS or program dialogue box where a button is highlighted (blue) it flickers or blinks rapidly, like it's unstable.

My network connection is fine and internet on other comps is accessible and untroubled.

For all other applications there seems to be no problems at all and over the years apart from the occasional crashes the computer has performed very well.

I know a fresh OS install is probably best but I don't have neither my OS start up discs nor for a couple of programs I own.

Thanks for reading and I hope someone can shed some light.