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Thread: Mac won't boot

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Mac won't boot
    I just got rid of my linux dual boot partition and was wanting to make a windows partition instead. I setup the windows partition in bootcamp, had XP in my cd drive and started the installation. My iMac restarted and it booted with the apple logo but than a folder with a question mark in it and kept going back and forth, it wont boot and it wont install xp. ive tried restarting it many times and the same thing keeps happening, my mac wont boot or anything, ive been having problems with my dvd drive lately and i dono whats wrong with it, can some one help me out asap

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    Dec 27, 2009
    some one please help i need my mac running asap

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    Is your XP ver compatible with the BootCamp
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    Press & hold the option key (alt) when re-booting (before grey screen),
    This should give you the option to boot into os x or whatever other os you have.

    Looks like your mac has no startup disk selected.

    Worth a try.
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