Can anybody help me? I used to be happily working away on Virtual PC 4 installed on my imac running OS 9.1 when I decided to upgrade a bit. I decided to partition my imac 50/50 so I could have OS 9 on one and OS X on the other. Did this, no probs. Then I decided to upgrade my OS 9 to OS 9.2.2. Also no probs. Then I decided to re-install Virtual PC 4. It installs OK but every time I try o start up Windows 98 which was supplied with Virtual PC 4 it just crashes my mac. I've tried installing windows from other disks but still the same problem.

I've got 256M RAM and 6G hard drive space (because of partitioning) all of which should be ample for Virtual PC.

Does anyone have any ideas. I don't want to have to go back to just running OS9.