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    What is the difference between...
    an imac g3 DV edition and the reg, slot loading imacs? I have been reading bout imac g3s and I've noticed there is a DV edition imac. Also, are all of the graphite imac g3s special edition imacs?


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    When the slot loaders came out, Apple began offering them in multiple "trim lines", sort of like how car companies offer three or four models of each car with different option sets and a designation based on features and price (e.g. the Honda Civic EX has more features and costs more than a Honda Civic LX, although they're pretty much the same car at the end of the day).

    Apple's "trim line" configuration was used on the fruit flavored wave of slot loaders (1999) and on the 2000 models with the darker colors. They got rid of the designations when the pattern models came out in 2001.

    DV stood for "digital video" and the models were promoted alongside iMovie as a machine for editing home movies. All DV models have a FireWire port and some have DVD drives (but not all).

    The 1999 models had a low-end "base model" without FireWire ports and a 350MHz G3. It came only in blueberry. The DV model was a step up and had a DVD drive plus a 400MHz processor. You could get this one in multiple colors. At the top of the line was the special edition, sometimes called the DV SE, which was the same computer but was sold only in graphite and had more RAM and a bigger hard drive standard.

    In 2000, the "base model" continued on but its color changed to indigo. The 400MHz model came in indigo and ruby and now had only a CD-ROM. There was a new model, the DV+, which bumped the speed to 450MHz, kept the DVD drive, and came in sage, ruby, and indigo. At the top was the 500MHz DV SE in graphite or snow.

    The 2001 iMacs were sold by their processor speed, not by names such as "DV". No iMac from 2001 on had a DVD drive, but all had FireWire.

    You have a DV SE from the 2000 lineup based on the specs in your information section.

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    Thanks Scott.

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