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    iMac sleep/shutdown? have your say
    Hey guys!

    Ok so this seems to be a hot topic on some forums, should i sleep my iMac or should i just shut it down????

    Well this is my own input on this!

    I have been working with electronics for years now and don't advise leaving anything on unless you really have to like a fridge for example.
    Electronics can fail at any point in there lifetime be it 2 weeks or 5 years.
    I use my iMac for about 1.5hrs in the morning before work then when i return about 8-9hrs later i use it again for maybe the same, i will use it more at weekends and would not shut it down if i was going to be using it again within an hour or so.
    Now i can not justify leaving full mains sitting on my PSU while i am at my work for all those hrs!

    The best arguments i hear on this are....

    1. I leave it on so i dont have to wait on it boot up!!!

    ok i understand that the 5-10sec bootup is a total nightmare!! i mean you could have opened up safari in that time and maybe typed in 2 words!!

    2. If you switch off you let the machine cool down and hot and cold starts are not good?

    ok this is some what true BUT! when your computer sleeps, like the new iMac for examlple its shuts off the hard drive (no spinning), it is not using the CPU, it shuts off the screen, it uses hardly any power. So i think we all agree that it cools down???? the only difference is you dont have to wait for boot but when you press the keyboard or whatever you press to wake from sleep your machine then starts everything up, hard drive kicks in and so on, then obviously it will start heating up again.

    The only logical thing that is said is that it puts less strain on the PSU, yes in a way i suppose this is true but is the strain anything it cant handle??

    You will find nearly all equipment we use somewhere has a PSU so why are we not advised to leave everything switched on??? Why do most PC users switch off there machines? They are not all failing??

    I think to be honest its just your own choice and what your happy doing, in my line of work i deal with equipment thats fails and get to see first hand what can happen when a PSU Fails.

    For apple to invent something that cant be switched off would be madness! they have invented a machine that if you dont want to switch it off you dont have to! Simple, they give you the choice.

    If you decide to leave it in sleep, your machine won't fail....
    If you decide to switch off, your machine won't fail....

    If you decide to leave your macine in sleep, it can fail....
    If you decide to switch off your machine, it can fail....

    Electronics Fail and always will, its as simple as that, but just because you switch off or leave it on sleep will not do any harm to something that has been engineered to do so.

    Chillout and just enjoy your equipment, and can people stop telling people they are wrong because they either leave it on or switch it off!

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    There are numerous threads on this topic here on M-F. Use your Search button, you'll find plenty of opinions.

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    Another determining factor on whether you choose to shut down or not is something we have no control over: The weather.

    Here in Texas we get thunderstorms which are so violent at times that it's scary. Leaving any electronic device on (sleep or awake) during one of those storms is risky. I've learned from past experience to turn everything off and unplug it when that type of weather is forecast.

    I neglected to do that back around 7 years ago and lost two new TV sets, a modem, an ethernet card, and the controller board on our home air handler unit. And that was from a lightning strike across the street.

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    Yes this has been discussed many, many, many times. Please use the search.
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