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Thread: Network Problem

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    Network Problem
    I have a problem with my network, for last two days my Imac starts to breaking wifi connection, earlier on everything was ok, but now when I connect to my home wifi, it keeps break after some time, than I have to go to router settings, change wifi channel and I can connect again, my wife have a Toshiba laptop and it works ok with this network, any solutions?

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    check for a firmware up date

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamo View Post
    check for a firmware up date
    That'd be for the router.

    If it's been working fine for awhile and just started acting strange:

    I'd head into System Preferences - Network - Airport - Advanced - remove all the networks sitting in your preferred box there - close out the preference pane - then open it back up and add the network again.
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    bobtomay, i've done that all but it didn't help, but i changed channel once again and it's work ok since yesterday, hope it will stay like that now, thanks

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