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Thread: PowerMac MDD Dual 1.25ghz RAM Question

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    PowerMac MDD Dual 1.25ghz RAM Question
    Hello everyone!

    I'm not the brightest when it comes to the specifics of MACS, but I'm wondering about two things: Firstly, I want to max out the RAM but is there some kind of specific type of RAM that I'm suppose to purchase? Secondly, there is this hard drive on sale at a local computer store, but I want to know if this will be compatible with my PowerMac--the model is a "SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 PLUS 160GB IDE ATA100 7200RPM 8MB 8.5MS" (I copied and pasted that from the web site).

    Thanks for any help and info.



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    the 1.25 and 1.42Ghz MDD's take PC2700 DDR Dimms. I would go to Crucial and check their memory chart just to be sure on the exact ram, but pretty much any Standard PC2700 DDR should work. It's better to be safe though and check Crucial even if you do not buy your RAM from them.

    The MDD's do not have the 137GB limit that the most of the older G4's have, so that 160 Seagate should work just fine. I have a Sawtooth G4 500 and it has the 137GB limit so I bought a 120GB Seagate drive just like the 160 in specs and it flys.

    Hope this helps you out with your G4 MDD. Nice machine!

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    MDDs take PC2700 RAMs. You can even use 1GB modules, though the maximum would be 2GB...even with 4 1GB modules, it won't recognise more than 2GB.

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    4 PC2700 512's is probably your best bet.

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