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    image display issues.
    My Power mac g4 stopped sending out signals to my monitor when it has worked before and it all of a sudden just stopped. i am wondering if it is the graphics card or some other hardware issue. please help. also the screen is still supposed to send out images even if i dont have a hard drive installed right?

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    Try another cable, it could be that, that has gone bad. (Plus it's the cheapest cost-test you can do).

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    well the monitor works with other computers as well as other macs, so im just wondering if it is the graphics card would i have to get a certain format or can i get any old graphics card from best buy or something.

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    Which Powermac G4 do you have? There were many models of that machine. In any event, if the graphics card is defective you would need to get an exact replacement or a good substitute. There is no way that Best Buy will have a graphics card for your machine. You'll have to buy a replacement from a Mac parts reseller.

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