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    Unhappy imac g5 - is it brain dead?
    My imac g5 (2gHz, 2G RAM, Ambient Light Sensor model, OSX 10.4.11) went black on me two days ago while surfing the internet. I could hear the fan running, but no picture. I held the power button down for 5 seconds to force it off. But when I tried to restart, nothing. I reset the SMU per this article iMac G5: How to Reset the SMU. After, I pressed the power button and the fan starts, but nothing else. After about a minute the fans kick into high gear and start going really fast. There are no chimes or normal start up sounds. The screen stays black.
    Then I found this article iMac G5: Troubleshooting when your computer won't turn on . After going through these steps, the fan comes on and the power light pulses, but nothing else and again after about a minute the fans start going really fast. When I turn the computer off and then back on only the fans come on, no pulsing power light. I reset the SMU again, turn it on, and get the pulsing power light again
    The diagnostic LEDS were: 1 lit up before I reset the SMU. 1 and 2 lit up after I reset the SMU. 3 and 4 never lit up.
    I replaced the back up battery, no change in imac's condition.
    I fear it's the logic board and not worth fixing, but how do I know? Could it be the hard drive? How would I test it?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I think you've analyzed it correctly. From what you know now, it's not the hard drive.

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    Could well be the power supply from your description which may be worth the cost of repairs.

    This link may help:-
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Thanks for the quick replies.
    I'm glad you don't think it's the hard drive.

    hb2448 - I had actually been to that site before I posted here. None of my caps looked bad, so I quit reading. I took the time to dig a little deeper and read that they don't have to look bad to be bad! I may just try this.

    Thanks again.

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