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    will the fastest mac mini run final cut pro, dvd stuido pro, cs2, etc..
    Hey guys I have a 1.5 g4 PB with 1.25 ram, and I run programs like final cut pro and dvd studio pro 4, and photoshop cs2, you get the picture

    I recently sent my girlfriends mom a dvd I made with videos and pictures from dvd studio pro, and she liked it alot that she wants to learn how to use the programs and make her own dvds. I was wondering if the mac mini with Superdrive is powerful enough to run these programs, anyone have experience using these programs, something small is needed since shipping it back to taiwan. I would like to get her a g5 but i think the powermac and imac are too big to ship. Any suggestions? these programs run fine on my 1.5g4 pb, of course I would max ram on the mac mini.

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    They'll run no problem, get 1GB ram and it should be good enough for a novice user.

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    itbejack you are some boy friend, if you are willing to buy her a PowerMac. With that said, you could have the system shipped from Apple to her address. I would have her start on the mac mini and use iMovie and iDVD to start. Once she is comfortable with that you can look at spending more money on the Final Cut Studio.
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    mac mini it is

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