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    My signal keeps drifting to another wireless network, I guess one of my neighbors. Can I program my mac to ONLY recognize my AIRPORT WIRELESS. The other signals do not show up in my system preferences network file, just in the upper right wireless signal bar. I cannot seem to get rid of them.

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    You should be able to delete that network from System Preferences => Network => Select AirPort in the left pane => Click Advanced => Find the network name in the list, select it and click the "-" button to remove it.

    You might also want to let your neighbor know that their network is not secured and that they are opening themselves up to fraud, identity theft, legal issues and potentially data loss.
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    Yeah that is a fun problem my boss ran into with an unsecured network. He received a call from the FBI of all places due to his network being used for fraudulent activities.

    They dialed into his PC to clear him of the problem and tracked the mac address to a neighbor and then helped him secure it. what a story if you ask me but I believe it to be true.
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    If you have an open network and a neighbor hops on it and uses it for illegal activities, you may have a difficult time explaining to the authorities when they come knocking on your door. Worse... they can confiscate your computer and assume you're the guilty one until you can prove otherwise.

    Always use the strongest possible encryption available. WPA2 (If possible.)

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