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    Minor Gripe
    I just got a new 27" quad-core iMac less than 2 weeks ago. Which includes the keyboard with the numeric key pad. Now the spacebar is beginning to have a vague squeak. Which can disappear once in a while. It's not a huge squeak. And in some cases you might think it's normal if it were another keyboard. But not with this Apple keyboard. None of the other buttons make this minor squeak. the others are quiet. Is this common with these flat Apple keyboards?

    Don't know if I will buy the wireless flat Apple keyboard later. Being that they keys might eventually also exhibit this minor squeak. Can any one recommend good third-party Apple keyboards with Mac shortcut keys (e.g. volume and screen brightness control...etc.).

    My Microsoft Win/Mac keyboard works great but is too deep requiring me to pull out my keyboard drawer all the way. Can use it as a standard keyboard but with no Mac functionality. It' better built. Maybe if the squeak gets loud enough I might end up using that.

    I hear the squeak when I press the middle of the space bar. If I press on either end it sounds normal.

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    i would say dont worry about it i have the 27 inch, wireless setup without the keypad i noticed mine made a few odd sounds at first but they have all gone away did it start with noise or did the noise slowly come

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    to be honest, all the apple keyboards have flaws. for me the caps lock button is unresponsive sometimes. (on both the imac and mbp)

    however, the worst thing about thrid party keyboards for me is remembering which button the command button is. and they usually have windows icons on them. up to you really, if you can put up with that, the apple keyboards are far less cluttered.
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    27" quad-core iMac, 8GB RAM, 2TB HD...15" MBP w/ 4GB RAM...etc.
    I think the squeak on the space bar has gone away already. Maybe I had to work it in. I don't know. I just don't recall hearing it when I first starting using it. Hope it stays this way.

    As much as I love the Mac OS X and various apps I have never used Apple's "control" button or "command" buttons. Not on my new iMac or my MBP previous generation (with the traditional PC keyboard buttons...not the current flat keys).

    I'm considering the Steelseries keyboards. Even if they don't have the Mac keys. Very solid and reliable. Used in gaming competition. Able to take that kind of constant abuse. Should be great with my casual use. And lighter key pressing.

    Might get it later when this Mac numeric pad keyboard starts to become unresponsive. When I need to replace it.

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