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    Adding Memory - Imac G5

    I'd like to know if I can add memory to my Imac from another machine. I have two Imac G5's, one with the screen busted. So, I was wondering if I can harvest that machine and add it to the other one to enhance it?

    Both have 1G Memory, so am able to make a 2G machine from these?

    Many thanks

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    Possibly depending on the memory configuration. Odds are both computers have 2x 512MB chips rather than 1x 1GB chip. If so, it won't make a difference. Under the Apple Menu, select About This Mac. Click the button that says More Info, and Apple System Profiler will launch. From the list on the left, select Memory, and it should show you your current memory configuration. If you have an empty slot, it'll tell you. If not, it'll tell you what kind of chips occupy each slot.

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